So You Think your Kindle Royalties Are Small?

 Xiaokang2020» Blog Archive » Who makes money off digital publishing?, Joel Martinsen takes a short but discouraging look at the state of e-books and author royalties in China today. He makes it clear that while authors face a host of challenges making a living from their writing in China, unscrupulous publishers are probably close to the top of the list.

Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism

This pdf book from the RAND Corporation makes the case that the effects of pirated DVDs reach far beyond the emptier pockets of major film corporations. This is an argument that Foreign Policy publisher Moises Naim makes at great length in his book Illicit, but this RAND work does a far more thorough and systematic job of documenting the link than Naim does. Further, RAND lays out some concrete steps to deal with the problem (impractical though they may be.


Fairness and Effectiveness in Policing: The Evidence

U.S. Park Police officers stand guard on Presi...

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A pdf book that dives into the issues U.S. law enforcement agencies face. Naturally there is a great emphasis on organizational behavior, efficiency, constitutional practices, and racial matters. What caught my eye was the discussion about corruption: not that it was there, but that it seemed to merit only a passing mention.

Reading through the report, one gets the impression that U.S. law enforcement is rather troubled. What would do a real service would be to benchmark U.S. police practices both between US cities and between US cities and the police forces overseas (and not just Japan, Australia and Europe.)