From the literary capital of the Middle Kingdom, The Peking Review offers a selection of thought-provoking China-related books and long-reads via links, thumbnail introductions, and short reviews. The managing editor of The Peking Review is David Wolf (siliconhutong@mac.com).

Because we seek to support authors who are generous (and far-sighted) enough to offer their works electronically at no cost to the public, our primary focus is on books, reports, pamphlets, papers, and novellas that are available for free online. We also review published books and longer articles that are insightful and relevant to readers with an interest in China and its role in business, media, arts, science, and world affairs.

If you wish to have your work reviewed here and/or in our sister blog, Silicon Hutong, please contact us at siliconhutong@mac.com.

Just to be clear: any opinions expressed in the articles and comments in this blog are the author’s alone and are not those of his employer, his clients, his family, his affiliated organizations, or his pet rock.

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