What This All Means for Taiwan

“Under the shadow of a rising great power”
Szu-yin Ho

American Enterprise Institute
September 26, 2012

As China undergoes its internal changes and begins extending its ambitions beyond economic expansion, the entire Asia-Pacific region needs to adjust its foreign policies accordingly.

Professor Ho argues that just as America is shifting its attention to China, so must Taiwan undergo a shift in its own thinking and policies as a result of the changes underway in the mainland. She analyzes the current administration’s policies, which have led to a significant easing of cross-straits tension, and suggests what the future might look like.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, the uproar over the South China Sea and the Senkakus does not mean that Taiwan is off the table for Beijing’s irredentists. On the contrary – any settlement of territorial claims to the south and north of the Green Island have wider implications for Taiwan.

The Taiwan issue is in a latent stage. How much longer that continues is a matter for soothsayers. It will end at some point, and Ho makes a gentle case that it is better not be lulled by the current calm.

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