India as a New Global Leader

This excellent book is composed of essays from four expatriate Indian experts in economics, politics, and international relations.  Published by the Foreign Policy Centre in the UK, the book examines India as a bridging power, the unique attributes India’s diaspora gives its diplomacy, India’s knowledge economy, and the challenge of energy security for India’s growing population.

In the face of growing rhetoric about the brick countries, it is refreshing to see an analysis that offers thoughtful examination of India’s challenges as well its opportunities. While the short volume is certainly not comprehensive, it does provide an excellent overview in the necessary balance to better evaluate India’s future.

Contributors include Sunil Khilnani from Johns Hopkins, Parak Khanna from the Brookings Institution, consultant Prasenjit Basu, and Brahma Chellaney from the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi.

2 thoughts on “India as a New Global Leader

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